A poem: Through the heavens.

Across oceans I’ll fly, Through tempests and turmoils, Into the horizon where we dwell. In the golden wheat fields, Of what is to come, I’ll find What was long forgotten, In the space between you and I, Through the past and into the future, Of long mountains I’ll climb, These lead books of untold stories, […] … Continue reading A poem: Through the heavens.

European road trip #1

The sunrise flight from London to Luxembourg was the shortest international flight we have ever taken. We walked down the frosty street from the airport to our accommodation, trying not to slip. We took a stroll through Luxembourg city, got coffee and ate at the Christmas markets. Luxembourg city has a deep ravine running through […] … Continue reading European road trip #1

Looking Back

Looking back at my visit: What I recommend + tips. via Looking Back — eat, sleep, create & repeat


visiting jordan After attending a friend’s wedding in Cairo, we made our way to Amman, Jordan. We had two goals in mind; we wanted to visit Petra and we wanted to visit the dead sea. Entering the city, is like stepping back in time. Petra is reported to have been established around the 6th century. […] … Continue reading PETRA DETOUR

Down Under: Sydney

In sfarsit, am ajuns si aici. Cred ca asteptai de mult asta dar sa stii ca merita. Am lasat ce e mai bun si frumos la final (nu ca restul nu au fost la fel de bune si frumoase, dar vezi tu, toti avem cumva o scala interioara cu care masuram diverse in viata noastra. […] … Continue reading Down Under: Sydney


Vietnam is all at once a mix of both old and new. It’s a food lovers dream, and I firmly believe that after the trip, our blood had become part Pho we had consumed so much! Apart from the love affair with food from across the region, the people are some of the friendliest in … Continue reading Vietnam

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy Holidays from Girls That Hike! 2017 is right around the corner and you know what that means… New Year’s Resolutions! It’s the time to make a promise and commitment to yourself to do an act of self-improvement or something that will make you happy. This is the time where you sit down and think […] … Continue reading New Year, New Adventures!