7 Highlights Of Rome

Puno, Peru

time was away and somewhere else

Puno, Uros

the flag of Peru waves proudly in the wind!

Fact: there is a llama in the flag

along the streets of Puno

Down to my last country. Made it! Made it! Wow. Been really happy with everything, my passport is still with me, my credit card, my hiking stick. Woooooooowwww. Albeit lost glasses…. That’s the biggest meh thus far. Still, I’m incredibly happy and pleased. my heart is doing a happy dance inside
Border crossing from Copacabana, Bolivia to Puno, Peru
The orange bus that I boarded near the central of the town drove for about 10mins to the Bolivia-Peru border. The driver explains what we have to do: firstly get off and get your passport stamped at the Bolivian border. Then walk about 300m down to the Peruvian border to get stamped again. I had read online to carry my backpack with me when crossing border, and…

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The EASY way to see Everest

Snow Cat Travel

Do you dream of seeing Everest up close & personal? Does the thought of many days arduous trekking at high altitude deter you?

Worry not as here are three ways you can make your Everest dreams become reality….the easy way. No trekking!


Everest is big……really big!

Until you see Everest for real, trying to imagine just how big the world’s highest mountain is…well…it’s impossible.

So, how can you see Everest close up without hard trekking?

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A day in Bruges


With all the people and the action going on, you will fall in love with this place. It’s a great choice if you want to relax, to see great buildings and architecture, eat quality chocolate or do some shopping. 

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4 places that I want to Visit in Japan

NYC, continued. 


Preface – I originally started writing this in the thick of winter. It is now Spring, making all talk of snow redundant. The lesson – I need to finish what I start on a more timely basis!

Today I woke up to a flurryof snow outside my window in London – uncomfortable and cold as it may be when you’re caught in it, the sight of falling snow is one of the most magical little pleasures of living in the northern hemisphere (at least for someone from Australia)! Given the conditions, today is not the day to go wandering the weekend markets so instead, I’m currently cosily holed up inone of my favourite local cafesPaper & Cup(which, btw, isa wonderful not-for-profit neighbourhood initiative that also sellslocal art and 2nd hand books).

Another place that’s been seeing some snowy action at the moment is New York, and with that…

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Sydney in 24 hours