Cruising: Norwegian Escape



The Norwegian Escape is just 16 months old and has a home port of Miami, Florida. Part of the Breakaway Plus Class, the Escape can hold a staggering 4,200+ passengers plus its 1,700+ crew staff. In so many words, this is a big ship.


If you have ever cruised on an older ship before, the Escape is going to wow you with all of its modern updates, sleek designs, the number of activities available, and how it has become a foodie destination at sea.

Cruising is just one of the ways I like to travel. For me, cruising is about taking it down a notch, relaxing, having amazing food, sleeping in the same bed for a week, unpacking and staying put, being able to explore a couple different places without having to do all the work of flying and shuffling to hotels, and really just enjoying my time on the…

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Why is Croatia Such a Popular Charter Destination?

Why is Croatia such a popular charter destination? I asked myself when exhibiting at the London Boat Show. I was intrigued because there was a real buzz about booking yachts in Croatia.

Edinburgh: The Scenic 360º

Far and Awaye

nelson2ruland-2 Nelson Monument

When we arrived in Edinburg, my husband and I took a cab from the train station to our hotel near the University area. We quickly dumped our luggage in the room, changed shoes and headed out the double glass lobby doors to explore the beautiful city on the shores of the Firth of Forth. There was no plan really, I remember printing out a list of must see’s and figured we’d stumble on something amazing soon enough – the city is, after all, gorgeous with a wealth of historical and natural wonders. We wandered down along the lively Royal Mile then took a detour through an old atmospheric cemetery built on a hill. It was when we reached a clearing at the top that a recent travel review appeared vividly alive directly in front of me,“This small, steep hill scattered with architectural oddities and follies were…

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My favourite desserts around Europe (#Travellinkup)

Bristol, Stonehenge & Bath: an England #summerdiary

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening friends! How are you ? I hope you had a wonderful week, or at least that it was less stressful than mine. Cold and summer nostalgia is coming to bite me in the, well, you know where, and I’m clearly missing wearing dresses, sunglasses and exploring the world.

To make what seems like it’s going to be a loooong winter a little more bearable, I’m taking you back with me this summer, on holidays to wonderful England, with another travelling-diary of sorts. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

This summer, I got lucky enough to plan a two week trip around a couple of cities in England with my lovely twinnie sister. My love for this country is very, very, well, MASSIVE, and needless to say I was thrilled to be back.

First stop : Bristol ✈️


Maybe it’s because we…

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Through the Sublime Field of Vision – I

Maldives Explorer

An archive of aerial shots of islands belonging to the archipelago of the Maldives. These shots have been captured through the eyes of satellites that orbit our planet Earth.

1An uninhabited island located on the western parts of Baa Atoll, Maldives. As seen from the picture, parts of the island is being used for agricultural purposes.

5.2323o N, 72.8773 o E

2The Underwater Restaurant ‘Subsix’ at Per Aquum Niyama located in the pristine Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives. The restaurant is located 1.2 kms away from the island and 6 meters below the ocean offering panoramic views of the wonders that lie under the Maldives.

2.6896 o N, 72.9387 o E

Subsix Restaurant at Per Aquum Niyama

Per Aquum Niyama

5Another beautiful shot of Baa Atoll, Maldives. The water villas at the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu depict a coconut palm leaf over the surrounding turquoise lagoon teeming with corals…

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Travel Blog – Rome

Back in December, my boyfriend took me to Rome for my birthday, (which was actually in October.) Now I have finally somehow got through my deadlines, I have time to blog about our amazing trip.

As I mentioned, I got it for my birthday in October but he wouldn’t actually tell me when we were going until the day before. I wasn’t happy because how was I going to plan smokin’ outfits for 3 days at less than 24 hours notice!? Fast forward to 17th December, I was all sad and emotional doing uni work and in he walks telling me to pack my things. (Of course I packed loose clothing so I could eat ALL THE CARBS!)

Rome is probably the most beautiful city I have ever visited, so much history and culture on every corner! Instead of writing a long blog post of everything I did and saw…

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