9 Budget Friendly Things to do in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur is a popular favorite on the backpacker trail through Central America, but because it's gotten a bit touristy, it can be expensive. Here's our favorite things to do there for super cheap (or free!). Don't break your budget on a stop through here, and instead use this guide to have a great time.

Sshh… The Most Beautiful Beach I’ve Set Foot on Is Zanzibar’s Best Kept Secret.

The Shooting Star

I take off my slippers, feel gently the white sand beneath my feet

Is Pwani Mchangani a beach? Seems more like where heaven and earth meet.


A thousand shades of blue shimmer in my eyes

When other waters I described as magical blue, it feels like I lied.


Men with sun-darkened faces and hats pedal by

“Hakuna Matata” is their mantra and the way they say hi!


My East Africa trip didn’t go as I had hoped

To go on safari in Kenya or Tanzania, I was too broke.


But the surprises began when I saw Mt Kilimanjaro from my flight

And on Pwani Mchangani, I met the famous Masai tribe.


They speak English, carry cell phones, even go by an Italian name

It wasn’t the culture I imagined, but it is real life all the same.


We all move and search for an easier means to live

And for these Masai folk, tourism on Zanzibar’s beaches gives.


At low tide, we…

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