9 Budget Friendly Things to do in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur is a popular favorite on the backpacker trail through Central America, but because it's gotten a bit touristy, it can be expensive. Here's our favorite things to do there for super cheap (or free!). Don't break your budget on a stop through here, and instead use this guide to have a great time.

Trekking and Paragliding in the Himalayan Mountains

While visiting McLeod Ganj in the Himalayan mountains, we went on a half day trekking trip to the top of a mountain, camped there for the night, and then paraglided down the following morning. This was one of the most adventurous things we have done while traveling, and was a memory of a lifetime.

8 types of traveler – What kind of traveler are you?

Kayumanis Ubud – a Luxury Villa in Bali



When I decided to visit Bali, I knew I had to experience a private villa with a pool. As a luxury traveler, I try and search out the best luxury in the world. Kayumanis sets a gold standard when it comes to providing luxury villas. From 24 hour butler service, private pools, high tea, gourmet food, to the level of service they provide – it is all 100% luxury.

img_6650 Private pool

One of the best things about booking a private villa is that it is just that, private. It is not the same as booking a hotel room – it has a door and you walk in and there are two buildings and a pool. It is like having a house, but at a resort.

img_6632 Entry/exit of the villa

In one building you have this amazing outdoor style living and dining area with a kitchen. You have a TV and…

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Here’s Why You Should Attend Festivals In India !!!

In India, a Festival is called Utsav originates from the Sanskrit word, Utsava which means "Removal of Sorrows" or " Removal of Griefs" it plays a significant role in our Culture &  Country.In India, it is stated your travel experience is not complete without experiencing festivals.   The diverse and different types of festivals that are … Continue reading Here’s Why You Should Attend Festivals In India !!!

Sshh… The Most Beautiful Beach I’ve Set Foot on Is Zanzibar’s Best Kept Secret.

The Shooting Star

I take off my slippers, feel gently the white sand beneath my feet

Is Pwani Mchangani a beach? Seems more like where heaven and earth meet.


A thousand shades of blue shimmer in my eyes

When other waters I described as magical blue, it feels like I lied.


Men with sun-darkened faces and hats pedal by

“Hakuna Matata” is their mantra and the way they say hi!


My East Africa trip didn’t go as I had hoped

To go on safari in Kenya or Tanzania, I was too broke.


But the surprises began when I saw Mt Kilimanjaro from my flight

And on Pwani Mchangani, I met the famous Masai tribe.


They speak English, carry cell phones, even go by an Italian name

It wasn’t the culture I imagined, but it is real life all the same.


We all move and search for an easier means to live

And for these Masai folk, tourism on Zanzibar’s beaches gives.


At low tide, we…

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Time Travel Tuesday – Blogging Reflection

Bedlam & Daisies


As the end of the year approaches, I’ve done some reflecting in the little snippets of down time here and there.

I’m also a few weeks out from my one year blogiversary.

So my travel back in time this week isn’t into the distant past, it’s to the beginning of 2016.


You can find my very first post HERE

A year for transition.

A year to press outside comfort zones, a year to grow, and to a year to figure out who I was outside of motherhood.

I pressed, I grew, but I do not know if I’ve still figured out enough to give a solid answer to the third part of the above statement.


One of my goals for the coming year was to get a passport and use said passport.  The process has been started and I will be stepping out of comfort zones next year by embarking on…

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