Hey there, fellow travelers! Julian here!

I’m on a mission to inspire people to travel more.

This is an automated publishing platform for sharing your travel stories on Word Press, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

If you also believe that traveling can be a great tool for education, please use the form below and and become an author.



3 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. You have a an amazing journey, Nilla! I love your passion for photography.
      For me is more like a hobby for now. Still figuring out how to get more time for this. I’ll make the time to read more about your adventures. And sorry for the late reply, but I had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Thank you for your kind words about this blog. That encourages me to make it much better than it is today. Have a great weekend! Keep in touch.

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  1. I love to live life to the full as we only get one shot at it – obvious, but people tend to forget or disregard this small point…
    Thank you! Photography and travelling are in my DNA. I started doing both at a young age and have never stopped…I’ve always worked to travel.
    No problem with your reply and glad you’re back. Look forward to reading more of your posts also. 🙂


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