Puno, Peru

time was away and somewhere else

Puno, Uros

the flag of Peru waves proudly in the wind!

Fact: there is a llama in the flag

along the streets of Puno

Down to my last country. Made it! Made it! Wow. Been really happy with everything, my passport is still with me, my credit card, my hiking stick. Woooooooowwww. Albeit lost glasses…. That’s the biggest meh thus far. Still, I’m incredibly happy and pleased. my heart is doing a happy dance inside
Border crossing from Copacabana, Bolivia to Puno, Peru
The orange bus that I boarded near the central of the town drove for about 10mins to the Bolivia-Peru border. The driver explains what we have to do: firstly get off and get your passport stamped at the Bolivian border. Then walk about 300m down to the Peruvian border to get stamped again. I had read online to carry my backpack with me when crossing border, and…

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