An Overnighter’s guide to Stockholm, Sweden

Overnighter Travels

I had always wanted to visit Sweden for one reason. The meatballs.

I was lucky enough to get a visa for Europe and I immediately booked flights to Stockholm. It was easy to find flights from JFK-New York and low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle has many outbound flights to the Nordic countries. I booked my stay at Skanstulls Hostel which I think was in a very convenient location. I spent less than US$30 per night for this hostel!

The accommodations at Skanstulls was amazing but there was one thing that I could not handle during my stay. There are only two frosted glass cubicles and showers are public. If you intend to take a bath during peak hours, get ready to leave your comfort zone. I had no choice but to wait until the frosted glass cubicle were empty just so I could do my morning routine!

My trip to Sweden…

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