Why I left my job in the Police Force to solo backpack the world

Nourished Life: Health, Yoga and Travel

20151219_114814 The start of my journey – with absolutely no idea what I was in for!

Travel has always been an addiction for me. Since the first time I jumped on a plane to Europe in 2006, travelling has been my life purpose. Unfortunately, my life purpose also demanded that I get a responsible job to help pay for it.

My answer to this was to step up and join the Police Force; and in 2007, I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and did just that. Policing has been an interesting career, filled with all sorts of exciting highlights; and it had the added bonus of offering me the flexibility to travel several times a year and balance my responsibility with my passion.

However, the down side to Policing is that, as much as you do occasionally get to see the best of society, more often than not you see…

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