World Wide Water Closets

img_1233 Singapore’s Skyline

Imagine the United States, only more hip, efficient, clean and with better food. You are imagining Singapore, a utopia. Prompt driverless trains dominate the public transit system, tap water is drinkable, and trash cans can be found every 20 feet. Not only is toilet paper provided in most restrooms, but it can also be flushed down the toilet. J walking is nonexistent. Chewing gum is illegal and littering will cost you at least S$1,000 ($800 USD). Nick and I did not see any homeless, we did not see any garbage and there was no pollution. Our ONLY complaint was the long queues entering and exiting immigration.

Singapore is a wealthy country and after 3 days, Nick and I never fully adjusted to the U.S.- like prices. The society seemed a little racist, as all of the manual labor was done by individuals from India or Bangladesh, however overall…

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