Bogota, Zapaquira and Chia in 2 days

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Bogota is a modern Latin American metropolis that offers many museums and a thriving night-life. My first impression of the city was very positive. The road from the airport to our hotel on Calle 93 was well maintained and the neighbourhoods we drove through modern. As a tourist one is likely to stay in the areas towards the north of the city and they feel very safe, clean and up-market.

The centre of town is colonial and well preserved with many interesting buildings and museums. I’m sure there must be some worse and poor areas, but as a tourist you don’t really see them compared to other Latin American cities. Driving around in a car, Bogota seems quite a wealthy and prosperous city.

Bogota sightseeing in 1 day

Bogota is a big city but the tourist sights are concentrated in a small area and it is actually possible to see most…

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