Traveling the world (in style) this winter for $900 and 90k in points

Josh Trips

It’s only the beginning of January and I already have so much travel planned to look forward to.

As a freelancer, it’s hard for me to plan my travel too far ahead, since it’s hard for me to predict what my revenue and workload will be like. As a result, I don’t like to plan trips out more than a few months in advance, unless I find an incredible deal to a location I’ve been dying to visit.

That said, I felt comfortable enough to book my travel through April. I not only wanted to go to amazing destinations, but I wanted to be comfortable while traveling. As a result, I looked for trips where I could get good deals on business/first class, focusing mostly on either using miles or booking flights where it’s likely I will get upgraded.

My 4 trips, which include 2 confirmed international first/business class legs and 3…

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