The Best Gift Idea Ever: Customized Framed Photos by WhiteWall

style under pressure

attarine medersa in fes, morocco

It’s been six years since we moved to our place, but we still don’t have any art on the walls. It’s half because we’re lazy and half because we didn’t have anything we absolutely loved enough to commit to seeing every single day. Since I redid my home office, though, I’ve been slowly gathering some framed art to decorate it with. Yet I needed one more to complete the collage.

That’s when I remembered WhiteWall. It’s an online site where you can upload photos and get them printed, mounted, and framed with a single or double passe-partout border, printed on a canvas for a more artistic feel, mounted under acrylic glass, or even printed on aluminum for a modern gallery look. I’d been meaning to order from them for some time now, but I just didn’t have a photo I felt strongly enough about to get it blown up and framed.


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