Plains, trains and Kangaroos – Day 3

Graham's Travel Blog

The strain of three days without wifi is beginning to affect Lorna’s morale. We have occasional mobile signals, courtesy of some extremely remote telecom towers along our route, but data roaming if you are from Great Britain is on a par with communications between Earth and the International space station, in terms of complexity and cost. So no face time or whatsapp updates of photos of grandson for Lorna, and no e -mails or blog posting for me.

Not really a hardship really in the grand scheme of things, and we have settled into an easy rhythm with the train. I say rhythm, butat some points, truth be told, the track does get a little bumpy. Sleeping has become easier, but shaving and/or applying makeup is proving to be a challenge for many of us onboard. Telltale signs of blotchy foundation or tissue paper on cuts, are much in…

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