23 Tips for Visiting Iceland



I am so glad you are reading this post .. it means you have decided to visit (or are at least curious about) the land of fire and ice! Just so you know, I am 100% in love with Iceland, it was my very first solo trip and I have been there twice, both times in the winter. I probably think about going to back to Iceland at least once a day .. hopefully your experience will be just as magical as both of mine were.

Here are all my tips from personally traveling to Iceland twice:

  1. Currency – the official currency in Iceland is the Icelandic Krona. $50USD = $5347 (on today’s exchange rate). $50 Euro is $5631 krona. You can exchange money at your international airport or when you arrive in Iceland.
  2. Cash or Credit Cards? – Good news – I have never used cash in Iceland. Everywhere I…

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