Best Way To Travel From Brussels To Paris

book | fly | repeat

Seriously. What is the best way? Most people would never consider driving, since it only takes a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes for the high-speed Thalys trains to coast between both cities. However, they also don’t live in either departure or arrival railway station either — so in reality it actually takes quite a bit longer than that. So what is the best way? Car or train? Let’s have a virtual race and find out!

From where to where?

Obviously we need a place to go to in Paris, and how more cliché can we get by picking the city’s most famous landmark: the Eiffel Tower! It’s most likely not everybody’s cup of tea — I have been to Paris countless times, and I’ve only once been close to it, without actually having climbed it. No other Parisian icon oozes more of “la vie en rose” though, and it also happens to be…

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One thought on “Best Way To Travel From Brussels To Paris

  1. Definitely train! I live 30 minutes from Brussels and in total I was 2 and a half hours on my way. Everytime I went by bus/car it took at least twice the time, since traffic is super busy in and around Paris.

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