Why travel to different places?

Why travel to different places? by Inez Wihardjo

Answer by Inez Wihardjo:

As cliche as it sounds, I think that travelling helps us broaden our horizon. Seeing how lives are carried out differently compared to where we come from, meeting new people, seeing new sights, and learning new culture… The change in environment often calls us to reflect on many aspects in life, and also learn to accept differences, which I believe is important.

I am quite lucky that, as a part of my startup job in building the community for BonAppetour, I get to travel quite a bit. Because it is through these trips, meeting the locals, and dining authentic local food, did I get a chance to truly appreciate other cultures. The flavors offered in different places are really unique and I believe we can only really enjoy it when we travel to those different places.:)

Why travel to different places?


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