Becoming the Top Travel Blogger in Singapore

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I have always believed in dreaming big and I am confident that I could be one of the top travel bloggers in Singapore.12239918_10156469016540508_7611814529378400606_n As compared to many other Singaporean bloggers out there, I ventured into the local blogging scene relatively late. However, I must say that I have been working really hard and managed to gain the trust and support of various companies and a group of loyal followers.

In fact, less than a year since I started this blog, I had opportunities to go on sponsored trips. This definitely helped me gain confidence and more determination to continue my pursuit. Certainly, I am more than grateful to all the companies that I have collaborated with. ❤

Here are some of the photos I have taken on my sponsored trips.12202187_10156463051710508_330842581_n10644205_937667832935208_217393296669199506_o22317_10155704107660508_3372172348647178980_nNow, three years down the road, it has been and will continue to be an exciting journey getting to visit different tourist…

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