Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

Author: Always A Foreigner

As far as cities go, Charleston’s got it! Charleston, South Carolina is a city of undeniable charm, fascinating history, and it has some of the best culturally significant food in the region. We spent a weekend in Charleston back in August, and we loved every minute. Founded in 1670, it became a major seaport and international trading hub which helped create the unique culture Charleston possesses. Historically, an astounding 40% of all enslaved Africans transported to America were said to come through the port on Sullivan’s Island right outside of Charleston to eventually make their ways to different places throughout the region.

The Historic Downtown Market

How to Get Around

Charleston is a walking city. During our weekend in Charleston, I think we walked about 15 miles all together. The two main streets, Market and King, form a T shape, and it’s possible to do a walking tour of the area they encompass by using Rainbow Row and The Battery to make a giant loop. This is quite a bit of walking, but there is plenty to look at along the way. Ah, Rainbow Row…my favorite little row of houses! The houses close to town are painted vibrant colors of green, pink and blue. As you go further from the downtown, the houses become more and more lavish, complete with private gardens and giant wrap-around porches.

Rainbow Row

Cheers! Bars and Drinking Holes

Charleston’s food and nightlife is POPPIN. Both King and Market Streets have a wide selection of restaurants, bars, rooftop clubs, and much more.

For rooftops that have great views, check out The Vendue, or The Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar in the Market Street area. From the rooftop of The Vendue, we counted 15+ church steeples. It really put perspective on the nickname Holy City!

The View from The Vendue

For all the PBR lovers out there, The Recovery Room sells the most 12-ounce cans in the world. It’s a great little semi-college dive bar on the northern end of King Street. There’s tons of entertainment options at The Recovery Room, including darts, pool, and pinball. Another great dive bar that I highly recommend going to is The Griffin, as featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations.” Every inch of wall space is covered by dollar bills that people staple up. The bartender will give you a sharpie to write a message, and then find a space to put it up! See if you can find ours. 🙂



The slave trade brought a rich culture that can be seen in many ways around the city. For us, it was most notably found in the delicious food of the low country. The Southern influence is mixed with a blend of flavors that leans on creole and French to create super distinctive dishes that blow you out of the water. Throughout our weekend in Charleston, we were able to sample some of the best dishes we’ve had in the region.

Lowcountry Bistro has an amazing and creative menu selection with a cute patio atmosphere overlooking Market Street. I ordered the scallops paired with duck wings as an appetizer, and it was a wonderful and unique culinary experience. Fleet Landing has decent dishes, but an even better view overlooking the ocean. Try their Shrimp&Grits, a classic  southern dish you can’t go wrong with. Fig is an excellent choice for  seafood menu options, and the restaurant is known for sourcing local ingredients. Five Loaves is Cazzie’s favorite, and they have an awesome menu full of fresh vegetarian options.

For breakfast, we recommend Hominy Grill.  The menu favorite is the Charleston Nasty Biscuit, a wonderful combination of fried chicken, cheddar cheese and gravy. YUM! There’s usually a line that’s out the door, so prepare to wait if you’re going to eat here.

Oyster bars are a popular option in Charleston. The Darling is conveniently located on King Street. Their interior reminds me of a cute but very classy diner with a black and white tile interior. Pearlz is also a good choice for oysters, and is one of the most popular places in Charleston. Eat your hearts out, people!

The Boardwalk next to Fleet’s Landing

Angel Oak Tree

Located 30 minutes drive outside of Charleston on John’s Island, is the beautiful and awe-inspiring Angel Oak Tree. We were mesmerized from the minute we saw it. The tree is estimated to be 400-500 years old, and some of its branches are so heavy they have to be supported. Its massive trunk gives way to a tangle of branches that spew in every direction and reach out like the snakes on medusa’s head. From tip to tip the longest branches stretch 187 feet! The circumference of the trunk is so big it would take multiple people to wrap themselves around it. Any weekend in Charleston should include a trip to see this mega-beauty.


You really can’t go wrong with Charleston. Hopefully this guide to a weekend in Charleston helped fellow travelers out there trying to decide what to do. There really is something for everyone, and I barely even took a tiny dent into everything it has to offer. I can’t wait to get back!


Source: Always A Foreigner Travel Blog 


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