The Ultimate 7 Wonders List. By Travellers, for Travellers.

Thirty Summers

Type 7-Wonders into Google and it currently returns 6,740,000 results. So a fair question to ask might be – why create another list?

Good question. There are three reasons:

  1. We are excited to present you with a truly unique 7-Wonders that is different from all other 6,739,999 listings.
  2. These results are a collation rather than simply a creation. Suggested and upvoted by our global ‘Travchat’ audience. A large Online travel community.
  3. Our 7-Wonders are unashamedly targeted at travellers. They are not meant to live in a vacuum as a list, rather we hope they will inspire you to visit them in person one day!

The ‘Travchat’ 7 Wonders.

#Travchat is one of the world’s most popular weekly travel chats. Each Wednesday travellers, travel brands and travel photographers from around the globe connect on Twitter to have a conversation about travel. Here is our list as voted by the Travchat community.

7 Great New Wonders of the World

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