The Key to Healthy Travels

Anywhere With Brooke

Being unhealthy while traveling will ruin a whole trip. You don’t want to be met with a pounding headache when you are supposed to be meeting the awesome locals. Nor do you want to spend your time in the bathrooms of Paris as opposed to the beautiful streets. Staying healthy while traveling is one of the most important steps to making your trip a success.

2016-07-22-05.15.41-1.jpg.jpg Find the full recap at the bottom!

I interviewed one of my best friends, nutrition expert, and world traveler, Dani, about her opinions on healthy travel:

Why is it important to eat healthy while traveling?

Dani: “To feel your best, be comfortable, and focus on enjoying your destination… Eating lots of beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables provides so much nutrition and fiber which will help you stay regular. Staying regular is the best way to be comfortable while traveling, especially when you…

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