The Beauty of Mount Kazbeki : Visit Stepantsminda

Sweet Rovers

The Georgian Mountain songs  was playing while I was noticing beside the military road was still covered high by snow.

“It was one and half meters higher than this” The taxi driver told us.

Alex and I took the taxi to Stepantsminda from Gudauri at late morning. At the breakfast we was just realised how the weather was very good with blue sky and we decided to go somewhere.

“Go to Mount Kazbeki”  I  said first! haha

So instead of go snowboarding which we was doing (I was learning) quite intense then it will be switched to a vacation to see Mount Kazbeki from Stepantsminda Village.

It’s cost 50 GEL for taxi to go to Stepantsminda from Gudauri but if anyone coming from Tbilisi, There are a Marshrutka (Mini bus) from Didube Metro Station coming up 3 times a day, morning around 5.30 am./ 12.30pm. and the last one is around…

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