My Grandparents’ Trip to Paris in 1950

Health from one Heart to Another

My maternal grandfather Emry 1881-1958 wrote his memories and they are a gold mine in regard to diving into a distant time. I was seven years old when he died.

The trip to Paris in 1950 was the first travel abroad for my grandmother and my grandfather’s second. He went to Germany in 1922 with his brother and brother-in-law at the time where the inflation was escalating.

He had studied brochures and taken a French course to be able to speak French at the journey. My grandfather was a school teacher and a parish clerk so they even needed someone to receive the phone calls at home. He had for many years kept the records of births and deaths in an area of Holbaek, a province town 60 km  from Copenhagen. This job and the WWII had kept them from travelling abroad.

paris1 Departure from Copenhagen

In 1950 it was such…

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