How to hotel in #India…or not. #travel #humor

Barb Taub

[I’m on the night train back to Bangalore, writing this on my phone. WordPress says it’s easy.  Wordpress has not experienced Indian trains recently I’m guessing…]

“I’ll carry your bags?”

Since I started writing about my trips to India, the most common response has been “Could I come on your next trip?” Well…no. Not unless you’re one of the people I shared apartments with four decades ago. (They were big apartments, and friendly roommates, so that number is considerably larger than you might think, but it is a finite one.)

For the rest of you, I thought I’d pass along a few tips for planning your own India adventures.

img_1507One of the places you can not go with me: Lotus Mahal, Hampi, India [all image credits in this post: (c) Jayalakshmi Ayyer & Janine Smith, 2017 all rights reserved]


You might have to stand barefoot on very hot temple flagstones, but you'll get to see a cheerful elephant bless a little pilgrim's head.Is it worth it? Hell yeah! You might have to stand…

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