Eating, Praying and Loving in Ubud

Hong Kong to Hanoi

Ubud was my favourite place in Bali – it’s where the book Eat, Pray, Love was set and is like Mecca for yogis, a far cry from hedonistic Kuta just an hour and a half away. Even though I’m not into yoga, spiritualism, or anything of the sort I still loved this place and spent a week here easily without getting bored!

Things to do: 
For such a small place Ubud has SO much to do and see, and once you get a moped and a map it’s so easy to explore by yourself.

The Tegenungan waterfall really shouldn’t be missed! It’s the best waterfall and possibly one of the best things I’ve ever seen, period. Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s absolutely breathtaking. If you’re brave you can climb up the side or go for a swim too.

Ubud market is great for clothes and souvenirs – I…

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