No Plan is the Best Plan

Afternoon/Evening people,

Just a quick one – today wasn’t anything that will blow your mind we are afraid, but it was very pleasant none the less.

We journeyed into the CBD of Auckland (City Business District, by the way!) to purchase essentials, a travel SIM card for Katie & to grab some lunch overlooking the harbour on what was a lovely day – sun all day, but only 21 or so degrees (sorry to those in Snowy UK reading that – but circa 20degrees after a fortnight in sunny Sydney feels chilly at points). After this we trekked to the Westfields, main shopping center, to mooch but wasn’t too much around. This evening was a little more fun! A stroll along the local beach just before sunset 🌅, then a lovely meal with a view of said beach. Bliss!

P.s. Today we concluded New Zealand turns you (well, at least…

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