Trip to JAPAN day 1

It was a very enjoyable trip for me, the day before the journey I could not sleep for thinking about tomorrow where I will go further for the first time. Japan is a country that I wanted all along. Besides manga, I am also interested in foods (ex: onigiri, RAMEN, icecream esp. green tea,etc). I flew with Cathay Pacific and transit briefly in Hong Kong, and then continued flying and landed in Tokyo (Haneda).

collage-2017-02-11 Transit at Hongkong, breakfast at Mcdonald , got nanoblock, and some people said it was Fuji san (view from the airplane window)

takeshita-street Takeshita Street (don’t forget to try Crepes)

collage-2017-02-11-3 Shopping at Daiso

IMG_2704.JPG mandatory photo shoot

collage-2017-02-11 (2).jpg SUSHI! It’s very cheap and so delicious.

IMG_2687.JPG 109 Shibuya Building and the busiest crossroad

IMG_2703.JPG Manga shop at Shibuya

I hope you do not get bored because of the trip has not been completed, in fact this trip quite a bit faster…

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