The Beautiful Margaret River 


If you have ever tried to get a seond year visa in Australia, I’m sure you can already guess by the title what this will entail, if not, let me explain. In the beautiful country , everyone gets a chance for a year long working holiday visa, however getting a second year involves 88 days of regional work. Regional work means some of the following: fruit or vegetable harvesting, fruit or vegetable packing, shearing, harvesting, running any equipment on a farm or anywhere regiona australia, working at a station(or as North Americans call it, a ranch), roadhouse work (pubs in the middle of literally nowhere), or what i did, vineyard harvest. It entails slave labor in above 40 degree heat, carrying around 10kg buckets of soggy grapes wearing long sleeves, long pants and feeling like you are melting! I didn’t get my full 88 days here though because the season…

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