Sleepy Puerto Varas, time for relaxing (some insight into travelling alone)…

A Meal Eaten Sideways

Every single thing in this world can be inspiring if you have the right perspective!

After a busy 2 months it was time for a brief rest.

Travelling on your own is rather exhausting, you are constantly aware of things going on around you, and looking after yourself (that’s life I guess), making new friends every day, having the same conversation over and over (where are you from? Where are you going? What do you do back home?), making decisions. It wears you down, and can feel repetitive.

It’s good to be free, but it isn’t what I’d planned on doing this trip. I was originally travelling with my best mate, but as things go in life, it didn’t work out and he went home. So I found myself alone. I think I embraced it with enthusiasm and excitement – focussing on the fact that I was still in South…

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