Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran (The Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano)

Puti Niela Kharisma

Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran is an inactive volcano that lies in Nglanggeran Village, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The location is about 30 kilometers away from Yogyakarta. Nglanggeran Village received an award as the best eco-tourism resort in the 2016 ASEAN Community Based Tourism (CBT). The village will also represent Indonesia in the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Singapore in 2017. Because of their accomplishments, we were curious to take a hike in this volcano.
Saturday, November 19th 2016
We departed from Yogyakarta at 2pm and passed through smooth winding road until we arrived in the parking lot of Gunung Api Purba. Domestic visitors pay IDR 15k for the noon-ticket and IDR 20k for the night ticket. Foreigners pay IDR 30k.
We started to hike at 3pm and walked slowly due to the steep tracks. At the beginning, we passed through narrow spaces between large stones which is called the Lorong Sumpitan.
There were a number of signs that guide visitors who were hiking.

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